What is Covenant Eyes

Covenant EyesAn internet accountability and filtering software that provides reports of your internet activity to trusted friends and family and offers flexible content filtering.

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Internet Accountability is not about catching someone red-handed. It's not even a filter, blocking content outright. Instead, Internet Accountability is a report of your Internet activities, designed to start a conversation, helping everyone in your home make wiser choices about Internet use.

  • What if you could send a report of your Internet activity to a friend or mentor so you could talk about where you struggle online?
  • What if you could see the sites your kids visit, the YouTube videos they watch, and the search terms they use?


  • Find Peace of Mind with Internet Accountability Software
  • Internet Accountability monitors the websites visited, the search terms used, and the YouTube videos watched, and lists them in an easy-to-read Report that is designed to start a conversation about healthy online habits.
  • Parents, see where your kids go online. Adults, reduce Internet temptations and protect the relationships you value most.