What is Lunch & Learn

A one-hour spiritual booster shot that will equip and encourage you. Where men of substance, discuss things of significance, to strengthen each other for life's journey.

Lunch Details . . .
  • Noon - 1:00pm
  • Lunch $10 (includes drink, meal, dessert)
  • 3rd Tues. of Month (NPB)
  • Once per Month - Sept., Oct., Nov. Dec., Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr.,
Hosted at . . .

First Presbyterian Church-Fellowship Hall
717 Prosperity Farms Road, North Palm Beach

Faith - Friends - Fellowship - FOOD

Good opportunity to invite a man to join you!





Lunches for Guys - since 1997!


Sept. 17 - Speaker Todd OC Shoemaker

Oct. 15 - Speaker Patrick Trindade  

Nov. 19 - Speaker Dr. J.R. Thicklin

Dec. 17 - Speaker Robert ‘Bob’ Schuemann

Jan. 21 - Speaker Chuck Dettman

Feb. 18 - Speaker Warren Bottke

Mar. 17 - RESCHEDULED - Speaker Jeremy Wiles

Apr. 21 - RESCHEDULED - Speaker Samuel J. Voorhies, PhD

OFF FOR THE SUMMER - May, June, July, August


Devotion & Discussion Topic


Seven Questions That Rattle In the Minds Of Most Men by John Woodall

Being A Male Is Easy . . . Being A Man Is Daunting! The pressures of manhood can be enormous, and they're only intensified by the mixed messages you receive from the culture. Sometimes it seems as though everyone wants something from you. Does being a real man mean having a perfect family, a corner office, a luxury car, and a massive home? or, is there something more to life - a source of deeper satisfaction?

The Bible has some surprising and counter-intuitive things to say about being a man. In this series that features short DVD teachings and interactive table discussion, you will explore God's design for manhood. You will be introduced to 7 questions that rattle in the minds of most men. 


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