What is Authentic Manhood

A Journey to Authentic Manhood as Lived by Jesus in His 33 Years on Earth

Jesus Christ modeled authentic manhood . . .and that is the basis for 33 The Series!
33 The SeriesAs multi-volume gospel-centered video series that presents the timeless truths of authentic manhood in a powerfully engaging way. Includes insightful teaching, inspiring testimonies, expert interviews, multiple creative features and meaningful conversation! Tuition $15


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A Man and His Design (Vol. 1)

Discover God's design for men with a clear definition and inspiring vision of Authentic Manhood.

A Man and His Story (Vol. 2)

Have you ever explained you to you? Understand your past and enjoy God’s best for your future.

A Man and His Traps (Vol. 3)

Identify the deep idols of your heart and develop a "Battleplan" built on God's grace.

A Man and His Work (Vol. 4)

An inspiring vision of work from God's bigger perspective.

A Man and His Marriage (Vol. 5)

Bring life to your marriage by building it around God’s grace and for His glory.

A Man and His Family (Vol. 6)

Practical and grace-filled insights prepare you to launch healthy sons and daughters into the world.