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Speaker: Dr. Patrick Bisher
(Former Navy Seal, Author 'No Surrender' and 'Warrior Of God', Founder GRIT Academy)

Details:  Join 100's of men for The Gathering Spring Outreach Breakfast on Friday, Apr. 22, 2022. Speaker Dr. Patrick Bisher - Former Navy Seal, Author 'No Surrender' and 'Warrior Of God', Founder GRIT Academy, will inspire and challenge you to soar beyond the limits of your past and overcome the challenges of your future. Plus, network with other like minded men!

Pricing: $50 (early registration discounted tickets till 04/01); $400 (early registration discounted tables of 8 till 04/01); Preferred Seating & Event Sponsors ($700 and up, see registration site or downloadable form) 

meet Patrick ...

Meet Patrick

What is the outreach breakfast?

Each year since 1989, The Gathering has sponsored evangelistic outreach events for men. We have been blessed to have hundreds of men in attendance at each breakfast. Many have been impacted professionally and personally after hearing an encouraging message that features an opportunity for men to accept, or return to, Jesus Christ.

We encourage YOU to invite men Who Are:

  • Christians needing a spiritual booster shot
  • Broken or wounded
  • Not in a personal relationship with Jesus
  • Professing to be Christian, yet live by cultural not Biblical values
  • Your disciples

We believe it is time to be strategic and intentional in inviting men to hear the good news of the Gospel. There is an urgent necessity in reaching/inviting men to have a relationship with Jesus. Hopefully you will want to be a part of this movement. Be in prayer, God will guide you to the men He wants you to invite.


Past Outreach Breakfast Speakers

  • Michael Franzese
  • Jeff Strueker
  • Mark Whitacre
  • Sujo John
  • Scott Sullivan
  • Bernhard Langer
  • Captain Chris Plenkpol
  • Adolph Coors IV
  • Dr. Tony Campolo
  • Mike Schmidt & Gary Carter
  • Ken Davis
  • Eric Alexander
  • Bill Fay
  • Lyle Wells
  • Bob Tebow
  • David Barton
  • Joe Erhmann
  • Dr. Hugh Ross


  • Phil Callaway
  • Rich DeVos
  • Wayne Huizenga, Jr.
  • Billy Thompson
  • Tommy Bowden
  • Chad Williams
  • Darryl Strawberry
  • Jeff Kemp
  • Mark Merrill
  • Doug McCary
  • LTG Jerry Boykin
  • Mark Koch
  • Brian Holman
  • David Akers
  • Dr. Damon Friedman
  • Chris Singleton
  • Brad Stine
  • Dr. Patrick Bisher