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Nov 07, 2019

Outreach Breakfast with David Akers

Outreach Breakfast with David Akers

Speaker: David Akers

Series: Outreach Breakfast

Category: Outreach Breakfast

Keywords: video, outreach breakfast, david akers

David Akers, 6-time NFL All-Pro and author, shares three keys to getting through the seasons men often find themselves in - perseverance, perspective, and personnel. Click here to watch and share w/ friends and colleagues.

Gathering Outreach Breakfast, Fall 2019, David Akers, Speaker.

David Akers, 6 time NFL All-Pro and author, shares a story that grabs your attention both personally and professionally. It includes professional success as a National Football player, losing fortune as a victim in national known theft scheme, walking through family health issue, and coming back from all of it. You will learn 3 keys to getting through challenging seasons - perseverance, perspective, and personnel.